st. patricks day

will from now on be looked upon as the day the music died the poppies split up…again. long overdue news boppers. due to on-going commitments, clint and rich are finding it impossible to input time or energy into future ‘pwei product’. whilst every effort has been made to wait for all members to have a clear schedule it is increasingly obvious that such a moment will never happen. with music industry interest looming, promises regarding contracts and promotional scheduling needed to, but could not be met. it is for this reason that graham, fuzz and adam have decided to press on with their new project “vileevils” which will incorporate much of the sonicnoisebyte and many other tunes they have written. whilst we share your disappointment we are excited about this new project after many months of waiting on a time that would never come. pwei would like to thank you all for your unrivalled support whilst vileevils dedicate an edited version of “retro dreaming” and a 2-minute chunk of new addition “street fightin” to the mighty pweination. let’s get down to it. via [pweination] p.s. letztes jahr gabs am st. patrick day literweise ale, kettle’s crisps und n seltsamen zyprioten, der sich für die reinkarnation von hunter s. thompson hielt. naja, vielleicht war ers ja auch auch. war hunter da schon tot, eigentlich? wie dem auch sei. in glasgow hats mehr spass gemacht und arbeiten musste man auch nicht. das wetter macht mich, wie eva jüngst meinte, zu 50% aggressiv und zu 50% depressiv. und zu 50 % krank. egal, schaut mal hier rein an und markiert euch den 22.4. im kalender. vielleicht wirds da 1,2 grad wärmer und vielleicht wird der zypriote auch da weiss ja nie. [edith]: und nur um nochmal pwei zu zitieren: alan moore knows the score – i am not amused, aber das leidige thema comicverfimlungen hatten wir ja hier schon..